Peter Kennedy

September 6, 2009

In between my assignments, for this class and others, I have attempted to enlighten myself on the process that is cyanotypes.

Although I dont mean it as a dorky, brown nose statement, I find the alt process book by Christopher James ,to be an amazing source of information. It is also clerverly writen and find myself ‘lol-ing’ after I read some of his small anecdotes. This book will definitely not be re-sold on amazon in hopes of making a small marginal profit, but will forever reside on my bookshelf , most likely next to my ever growing collection of polaroid cameras. Although I havent finished the chapter on cyanotypes quite yet, it wont be a ‘forced read’, and will go back to my little corner to finish it up most likely after I write this post.

Anyhoo I have found a vast amount of Artists working in this media on, which has been the best source of hunting down artists for my alt. process class thus far.

I was able to find an artist by the name of Peter Kennedy and after seeing some 10 plus images he has created, I found him worthy of blogging about.

Typewriter ©

Typewriter ©

Blue Jeans ©

Blue Jeans ©

His composistion remind me of something I might see on Polanoid, a site thats enables users to post polaroids of all sorts ( from Mamiya with polaroid backs to altered peel aparts from Land cameras) Also a site that I have found myself over the summer, to frequently visit. Getting back to the point , his pictures make me think of users on polanoid, who with their expensive and now obsolete film , take great care in deciding what memories they wish to be transfered to film. His pictures have this soul that I cherish and admire (He also scored mega brownie points with me , who is obsesed with typewriters, found his print of a Brother typewriter.

It also made my heart flutter a bit when I read his bio and discovered he uses a Holga camera ( a plastic ‘toy camera’ that was first produced in Hong Kong in 1982 , but has been reintroduced by lomography at a steap increase in price, for hipsters who frequent urban outfitters and die hard photographers alike. ) It produces vignetting , light leaks, and basically any other so called ‘mistakes’ that most professionals would frown over.

Holga Bikini ©

Holga Bikini ©


If you havent guessed by my ‘subtle’ include of polaroids, I have quite the obsession. I would like to post about my new found ‘obsession’ but I am afraid once I start to talk about , I wont be able to stop. However once I find the time, I will most likely ( eventually) post some of my recent polaroids and new found knowledge of instant film . But first I must return to my alternative process book.


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  1. These are lovely cyanotypes. And the Christopher James book is amazing.

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