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September 30, 2009

I’ve been a little lackadaisical about blogging as of late..But I hope to make up for it this week.

In Cyanotype and Vandyke news, I’ve started making prints using the images of Leah I’ve taken . I’ve only used acetate for my negative thus far. But I’ve noticed some successful prints by my partner in crime , Leah, of me using paper that she crumpled. They have come out very ethereal and have this beautiful fuzzy quality to them. So I’ll try experimenting with that..

I’m not crazy about my prints thus far, but my so called ‘mistakes’ have turned into some of my most successful prints. I also find it hard to coat the paper evenly and without darker spots and marks ..etc.


First attempt

First attempt

This came out the best of all the cyanotypes I’ve made over the past few weeks. It was my first print and I feel like they have gone down hill in quality since this one. Also it erks me that some how…even though its not on the negative , a little ‘hair’ found its way on to the acetate. I guess its not a major deal, aside from the fact it makes it look like Leah has a hair on her chinney chin chin.
A few others:
A double exposure one

A double exposure one

tantic acid dipped cyanotype

tantic acid dipped cyanotype

Nothing special here. Leah in the forest that is Alfred

Nothing special here. Leah in the forest that is Alfred


And a severely demented / altered Van Dyke print:





This was a ‘happy mistake’ I guess you could say. My paper has a way of constantly getting contaminated. ( it could be because I’ve been super cheap aka: poor , and have made it my goal not to buy paper this whole semester. Which will be a challenge considering I’m in both Advanced print and Alternative Processes. Anyhoo I found a bunch of paper before classes started hanging around harder…So I’m thinking now they may have had something on them previously that contaminated them..? ) Or it could be that I don’t wipe the counters well enough. I don’t know , but when I was developing this Van Dyke I noticed a large nasty blue area on Leah’s forehead and dark blue spot on her eyebrow. So thinking the print was already “bad” I poured straight hydrogen peroxide on it. It at first bubbled, which was awesome! Then it bleached the print. But it never really got rid of the dark areas; in fact I think it made them darker? I don’t know, but yesterday in class was the last time I took it out of the dark room, and I really was surprised by how it looked in the light. I should probably fix it eventually if I want to keep it…which I do.

That’s it for now on the Leah Berry project…tune in next time for my ideas for my ‘staged photograph’ project!


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