The art of keeping a Sketchbook/ Staged Photo

October 5, 2009

Ever since high school, It was instilled in me by my teacher to keep a good sketchbook. Since I was around the age of 9 I’ve been keeping one , I’ve accumulated close to 30 now, some more full than others. I enjoy leafing through them…especially some of the earlier ones. I kept three sketchbooks last year and filled them up ( for the most part), and I thinks it really when I started to understand what to put in it and how to organize it. I no longer have that new sketchbook anxiety (fear of starting a sketchbook because you didn’t want the first page to look like feces and if you mess up your too afraid of ripping it out for fear of wasting paper and money.)

I digress

I enjoy blogging, but I feel like some artists may use it as a way to get out of keeping a sketchbook. I say why not integrate the two.

so here ladies and gents is pieces of my beloved sketchbook, and my thought process behind my ‘staged photo’ project.


Lastly I feel the need to give props to Keri Smith and her book Wreck this Journal. I call it ‘Freshman Foundations ” in a book. But basically it gives you prompts to destroy the book. Some of my favorite pages included “cover this page in fruit stickers” and “take this book in the shower with you” .The back even has a mailing label and it tells you to tape the book shut and mail it to yourself. It really changed the way I kept a sketchbook….I encourage you all to splurge on the 10-15 bucks for the book. You wont be sorry.


2 Responses to “The art of keeping a Sketchbook/ Staged Photo”

  1. michaelchernoff said

    Your like the Bob Rogers of sketchbooks

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