So I’ve been shooting for ehhh about a week now.

I find it fascinating what people will tell you after you ask to take their picture. I’ve had discussions on immagration, feces, and I have even been proposed to. But to hear the rest of that story , you’ll have to buy the book.. ( I joke, If I do ever finish this project i’ll bring the finished book to class)

Here are some creame’d ‘la crop images.


Shack near Jasper Ny


Dan and Lori, who came three hours early to Mullers auction.

When I went back to photograph Club Valentine , I was horrified when I discovered they changed the sign completely. I guess things change, even in these small ‘time-warp’ towns. I still think the sign looked better with peeling paint and rust, but what are you going to do.

Changed sign

Changed sign


Found on the road to Jasper...

I’ve had 3 lengthy shooting sessions thus far. Thursday and Friday were abnormally sunny and warm for November, which I attempted to take advantage of, but by the time I got out of my classes, it was around 2 o’clock, which means I had only 2 hours before night would fall.

2 packs of instant film , 2 rolls of slide film, and one tank of gas later = some pretty ok images.


I ordered 3 boxes of Fujifilm fp-100c and 4 of Fujifilm fp-3000b off B&H last week. I also won one of these bad boys on Ebay:

Polaroid propack, in all of its glory

And this is why I am now broke.

I needed a camera with a external flash since I am shooting with films with such low film speed. Most of the old land cameras take flash cubes, which are now growing ever more extinct and cost close to a dollar a flash, unless you hunt them down at a yard/sale thrift store. But quite frankly I dont have the time or money to waste on the cubes. So I bought this camera. Both the film and the camera are coming today, lets hope it works, otherwise there will be more tears.

I finally threw some film in my Polaroid Big Shot :bigshot005

I had to swap out my rollers from my Polaroid reporter and put into this camera, I’ve done a lot of research and everyone says that the developer spreader that is put inside these cameras fails miserably after the second or third shot. From everything I’ve read online, this camera is NOT intended for daylight, and will basically be useless without Magic cubes… but attempting to prove the world wide web wrong, I did a test outside with my good ol’ pal Dana.



She looks super pissed, probably because I made her stare into direct sunlight , while I danced around with the awkward camera attempting to get her in focus. I don’t mind the results, especially with 11 years expired film. It has a  nice raw feel to it, I do believe.

We are getting down to the wire for the final project, I want to have everything shot by thanksgiving so I can get my order in to Lulu in time for my crit.

We shall see how this pans out.

I’ve also printed out a models release form from the internet ( god, I love Google, and how it answers all of life’s questions). I don’t expect my book to bring me a whole lot of fame and fortune , but I think its good practice to be ‘professional’ or as close as one can come.

The palladium / Kallitype crit is today. I was pretty much digging palladium so much that I got kicked out of Harder a few times. I have some ‘not-too-shabby’ prints of some old polaroids i took, and other obscure images. But I wont spoil/bore you with the details , I’ll wait for today’s crit to do that…

I hate to be the alt process darkroom Nazi , or just a giant pain to everyone but seriously , if you use up all the chemistry..MAKE MORE. Its fun trust me, you’ll feel like a mad scientist mixing the toxic chemicals.

And thats it.I now must incessantly check my email for my packages to arrive.

I know you all don’t want to read my yammering on and on about my final project for alt. process, so I will do my best to explain through pages of my sketchbook and images…


My idea is quite simple: I am going to create a book, that documents people living in remote and rural areas of New York State. I will also include commentary and profiles of the towns/townspeople.I will shoot it all in peel apart Polaroids, using 3 different film types ( fujifilm fp-100c , fp-3000b, and some expired Polaroid 669) and some expired slide film that I will have crossed processed .

I believe my best ideas come from the negative aspects of my life. That sounds terrible but its true. When ever something bothers me, I either make light of it by some how incorporating humor, or fight to change what bothers me. As of late I have become severely depressed with my environment. I’ve lived in Bath Ny, for most of my life, and went to a college that is exactly 32 miles from my home. Part of me is just itching to move on , go get my M.F.A at the School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. ( My dream Grad School) and be done with these closed minded sheltered towns. I know I should be taking in and making use of everything going on around me now…but I’ve just become so discouraged by the area that I’ve found it hard to do so.

Its a candid moment , one that I doubt anyone will read…but it gets me to my point…

I’ve decided that what I need to do , is flip my current situation. Take something negative and make it positive . If I think these towns give me a ‘artists block’ , why don’t I document that. Its as simple as that. ‘New York , No , Not City’ will also be a pun at all the out of staters who automatically think your NYC when you say your from New York. A how the ‘other-half ‘ lives kinda deal.

I hope it will be successful.

Recently a good old friend gave me 12 packs of 11 years expired 669 polaroid film , I took one pack already with my Reporter Camera. For its ‘death date’ being in 1998, it still makes some fabulous images. I’ve noticed its pretty touchy with light, and the ASA is 85, so shooting outside in pure sunlight is the only way to get an image. The chemistry fogs up and produces these sometimes beautiful clouds on the prints… Here are some images from the first pack of 8…


This mystery man with a mustache is my father, Chester

This shows a range of exposures. I wanted to get somewhere in between the 2nd and last one, but with a only a simple exposure knob with 7 little lines as settings, its pretty much trial and error. But mostly error.



My best shot of the day, featuring decaying flowers on my front porch

Over the summer I stole some family photos from my grandmother that where taken with polaroids, they are pretty spectacular , and aim at what I am trying to achieve so I deem them worthy of posting…


My Great grandfather, Abe. He was quite the wise alec, and actually lived in the school bus you see in the background just because he could.


My grandfather Dale is modeling the snazzy white jump suit

I also found a great image I took when I was around 12 ( ?) with a terrible digital camera…I am in the process of doing a stone litho of it…


The sign lies