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December 17, 2009

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I have been putting off writing this with the hopes that I would find something witting and intelligent to say to you all about my work…

unfourtunatly I never came up with anything to say.

However, normally the best enlightened thoughts come from long drawn out ramblings, at least for me. So please , bear with me.

This semester has probably been the most challenging semseter for me, since the year I commuted. Mentally, I feel as if my head has been all over the place, which has inevitably has shown through some of my work . I loved junior studios, but I felt torn between work both in Alt process and advance print. When I become attatched to a project ( or anything in my life for that matter) I become obsessed, putting all my energy into it, while the rest of my life/projects becomes this blurry mess. I suppose this is not a bad thing, since my last project for this class thrived on me forgetting about some other things in my life.

To be blunt and honest, I didnt really feel attatched to this class, until I knew what I was doing for my final project. Although I did love working with cyantypes and paladium, ( and who could FORGET about liquid light!?) I just dont feel as if my ideas and concepts were as strong and sentimental as they were in my final. 

I feel as if my last project is unresolved.And supprisingly I am not bothered by this in the slightest bit. I am still interested in continuing shooting the enviornment that I’ve grown up in and find so frustrating at times. This is actually a huge deal for me , since Im so gdarn fickle half the time I bounce around from project to project. Eventually I would love to make a book, just now with ‘finances’ and time, It just was not going to happen. .I have started using my images for this project, in print, and I found that to be pretty sucessfull as well. I did a wood cut of Elvira which I attempted to do Kathy Kolwitz style. Im not sure if that translated… but I do love what did come of it…

And since I am taking print again next semester, the good news is I’ll have over 300 images to work with..

I just have this feeling I’m on to something good here…

So I believe I have said what has needed to be said. rambleramble