No Excuses

July 19, 2010

Im not going to ramble on for a paragraph explaining how busy i’ve been or justifing why ” I haven’t blogged in quite some time”

Its life, everyone is busy.

However I have a new project that has been bouncing around the ol’ cranium that will not only force me to blog, but draw….




Its taken me quite sometime to understand myself , but I have learned I work best with deadlines and schedules. I am attempting to get the ‘creative juices’ a-flowing, as it were , and just let loose, make mistakes, and use crayons again. So I made a sketchbook, for green friendly folks out there this thing is one HUNDRED percent recycled. Take a gander…

The front and back covers are made with records found at Alfred U’s Repo ( a free material exchange for students) The guts (“paper”) of this thing is comprised of : newspaper, acetate, reclaimed yupo, paper bag, canvas pad, canvas, old photos, phonebook pages, and old chemically enhanced arches paper ( thanks to taking alternative process)  …just to name a few

old cyanotype paper


I had originally planned to start this project in June, and had 77 pages cut to size ( one for each day before I went back to school) However the date got pushed back a few times, Im not sure how many pages exactly are in this thing. But im not stoping till Im through…for once.

Bound using found gaffers tape and binders thread.

As always I will be taking some tips from the ‘bob ross ‘ of sketchbooks : Keri Smith. Just like my “Wreck this journal ( which as seen below, rests in two pieces now after turning to the page “make a sudden destructive movement with the journal”) I want to push my preconceived notions of what a sketchbook should look like, and just unwind a bit.

its like I have two 'Wreck this Journal' now!

So ya’ll stay tuned now I think/hope exciting things will happen And for those who cant wait …SPOILER ALERT : tomorrows page is acetate!


One Response to “No Excuses”

  1. Good idea with the Cyanotype paper…I have some old paper from the class too that I eventually will tamper with some day. Great emotion on this blog your a regular Joe Bigely

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