Here it is…Everything. All 10, 268 items.

Of course when they are like this you can see how inconsistent I was regarding lighting.

Here is the video documentation in high speed with some catchy tunes:





Back to reality

I rang in 2011 with a flu, so my plans to productive come the new year were quickly crushed with nausea, fatigue , and an overall feeling of being run over by a truck . However I started the week out semi fresh starting the ever intimidating endeavor of photographing everything I own. I’ve started with the category “ART” since it is after all the most difficult and all encompassing all things considered ( plus everything after that will feel like a breeze…hopefully) Here are some highlights of today: ( note none of the images are edited yet )

twenty-four cameras

Drawing supplies

crafty items

Cd jewelry items

Painting supplies

I’ve never claimed to know anything about studio lighting, in fact everything I do know came second hand from either students or professors, or the interweb. Im really displeased with the shadows I’m  still getting, the first photo of the cameras is the most successful ( irony?!)  Anyhoo I’m only working with 2 tungsten lights, ( if i had 2 more I think I would be able to eliminate those pesky shadows.) and one external flash attached to my ever lovely red Pentax K-x. At least me and my camera are getting some good alone time , and I’m learning its little tricks.

In other news, to go along with this project and themes of a more loose and figurative self-portrait I am also photographing everything I eat for a month:

Breakfast: cereal(w/soy milk),water,orange juice, (not pictured: coffee)

Breakfast: Cereal(w/soy milk),water,orange juice,(not pictured: coffee)

Second Breakfast: Leftover hors d'orderves with pesto, capicola,fresh motz., and bruschetta

Lunch: Leftover Haddock with tomatoes, and onions, ( not pictured, basmati rice)

Dinner: Chicken Marsella, salad, water, and red wine.

Its more impromptu, and a lot more annoying, ( I just want to eat it, not photograph it)

and the third installment of the figurative self portraits: All the hair I loose in the shower ( WARNING: the following image is gross and hairy in nature)

Tomorrow I will hopefully be finishing photographing all my art supplies, eat some more, and loose more hair.

Mixed bag

December 22, 2010

So the semester ended…lots of mixed feelings, Hopefully the break will give me the time I need to feel …”refreshed” as I return to finish up.

I’ve been working on sorting out an idea I had a while back that all started with this:

Which resulted in this: 

If that didn’t keep your interest, basically Im photographing every single thing I own. In a mock studio lighting set up. The past couple of weeks i’ve been purging, which at first I thought would be detrimental to the integrity of the project but A.) I still will own a ton ( literally) of ‘stuff ‘ and B.) If I ever want to feel like I can actually accomplish something, and/or finish in a weeks timeline, I had to get rid of roughly 6 black garbage bags of crap. 3 bags of clothes went to Salvation Army ( shirts and pants i hung on to from high school, hoping I would one day fit back into them) , boxes of an assortment of art supplies went to young kids that I know will benefit and use them, and roughly 2 bags of just trash, ( i.e. old papers, broken bits, old containers no one wants..etc.)  I’ve worked on categories and sub categories of how to organize it all . So far I have:

1. ART.

  • my art
  • other peoples art that I own
  • supplies ( cameras, painting , print, paper, jewelry making, dark room set up, craft/sewing supplies, drawing , tools, )


  • undergarments ( bras, underwear)
  • pajamas
  • jeans
  • t-shirts, blouses, and tank tops
  • dresses/dress clothes
  • shoes, boots, sneakers
  • summer wear ( bathing suits, shorts)
  • winter wear ( coats, scarves, gloves, hats)
  • accessories ( jewelry, bags, tights , belts )


  • lamps/ lighting
  • plants
  • knickknacks/decor/ bottles
  • crockery( bowls, silverware, pots and pans)
  • family photos ( ? does this belong here?)
  • Frames
  • Papers/documentation/ manuals (?)


  • art
  • text
  • fiction
  • non-fiction
  • magazines/pamphlets/undergrad and grad school catalogs.


  • dental care ( toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc)
  • make up , perfume
  • tampons
  • general hygiene products ( shampoo, razor, soap, deodorant, etc )
  • towels


  • laptop/accessories
  • hard drive
  • cellphones ( current and old/broken)
  • cables
  • digital camera(s?)
  • tablet
  • records/record player
  • cds/dvds
  • boxes for said items(?)


  • paper, stationary
  • pens, pencils, staplers, paper clips, rubber bands, scissors


  • wallets
  • bank statements ( with private info blotted out)
  • check book
  • cards ( bank card, license, membership cards, etc.)


  • old toys

It shall be an interesting endeavor. I’ve gotten over the ‘bashful’ aspect of it ( a.k.a . that my professors will undoubtedly see all my underwear.)   Im hoping another purge will ensue after the photographing. Maybe this will help me once and for all start on the track to simplifying my life/possessions….

but I highly doubt it.